The founder - Who we are



Founder- Member Sole Administrator
Degree in Economics, Business Administration and Management

We are professionals and consultants:

  • with high level skills and guarantee security and reliability;
  • graduates in economics, finance, management, and law graduates;
  • with long-term professional and entrepreneurial experiences;
  • specialized in real estate sector and in the business and in the corporate sector;
  • experts in real estate and business valuation and due diligence activities.

With us the problems do not exist.
With us there are only solutions that allow you to bring every business, every transaction, every operation , every contract, every activity to a successful end and with positive results for all parties involved.
We lead a team of collaborators throughout Italy, we use the best technicians to achieve great results and solve any problem in the bud, guaranteeing speed, confidentiality and punctuality.

We provide investors and buyers professional consultancy and assistance complete at 360° and total guarantee for any type of purchase and investment and of any size and value:

  • small (hundreds of thousands);
  • medium (millions);
  • large (tens of millions);
  • very large (hundreds of millions and billions).

We can also work with and on specific tasks.

We represent several hundred hotels and non-hotel accommodations facilities in Italy, for a total of tens of thousands of rooms.
In addition to hundreds of land and buildings, and also real estate development projects, to build tens of thousands more rooms.

Our organization will provide administrative, technical, fiscal, legal, etc. support. and total guarantee on the conclusion of every operation and every business, with satisfaction and positively for all the parties involved.

We have designed and are implementing a unique and innovative project, which no one has ever tried to achieve, to implement until now.
We will greatly appreciate all those who will cooperate, who will work with us, who will give us their trust, who will help us along the path we have planned and which must take us to the finish line successfully.

The object - What is offered for sale

We have immediately available hundreds of:

  • beautiful real estate properties;
  • beautiful hotels;
  • beautiful accommodations facilities of non-hotel type;

which have carefully evaluated and selected.
The selling prices of hotels and real estate properties in Italy are currently attractive, convenient and affordable for those who buy.

Currently our portfolio and our catalog contain over a billion over one billion euros / dollars in real estate properties and a very interesting value of businesses and companies.
The portfolio is constantly evolving and is progressively increasing, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The current low real estate prices in Italy are a temporary and contingent market anomaly and guarantee investors who make investments excellent capital gains in the medium term resulting from their physiological and natural increase in value.
What is offered for sale is:

  • excellent and immediately available, already selected to be evaluated and bought by anyone who wants to buy them;
  • perfect for creating and building, for example, a real estate fund or other similar financial product;
  • with immediate and secure revenues, consisting of rental fees for the rental of buildings where businesses and companies carry out business activities;
  • with a return on invested capital (ROI) of more than 20% (twenty percent) per year.

Don't miss this great opportunity.
Now is the right time to invest and make money in Italy.

With us you can choose the economic size of the investment and of the purchase.
Inform us of your investment objectives and of your purchase intentions and of your desires and we can advise you and guide you during your decision-making process.
It is possible and you can buy together 500 (five hundred) or 300 (three hundred) or 100 (one hundred) or 50 (five hundred) or 30 (fifty) or 15 (fifteen) or 10 (ten) or 5 (five) or (one) hotels, real estate properties, businesses and companies.

With us you can select and choose the hotels and the accommodation facilities of non-hotel type that interest you, that you like, that you want to buy and that interest you as an investment.

All the hotels and properties that we have selected and that we have in our portfolio are immediately available (some are operational and active, others are not).
We have worked for over a year to create the current portfolio of hotels and real estate properties and continue to work to develop it in quantity and in value.
During the past twelve months we have done several "Tour Italia", we have traveled about 50,000 kilometers in Italy and we have personally met hundreds of entrepreneurs and of owners in the hotel sector and in the non-hotel sector in almost all of Italy to view and know personally, evaluate and select hotel facilities.
With these entrepreneurs and owners we have created strong personal relationships and developed a common vision of business.
We continue to work to increase the portfolio of hotels and properties for sale in quantity and in value.
We have done a long and hard work of preparation and currently we can be included among the leading experts and specialists in the hotel and real estate sector in Italy.
The first in the hotel real estate sector.
We provide high level skills and professionalism, security and transparency, confidentiality and a direct and personal relationship, guarantees up to the completion of operations.

We can adapt to your business or business plan needs.
If we do not have what you are interested in, we can find it only and specifically for you.

By way of example, we can offer to interested investors and buyers:

  • the block sale of all real estate properties;
  • or the fractional sale of real estate blocks;
  • or the bulk sale of all hotel businesse;
  • or the fractional sale of hotel companies.

We have about:

  • 100 beach hotels;
  • 50 mountain hotels;
  • 50 country hotels and lakes;
  • 100 hotels in the city;
  • 50 small luxury hotels in prestigious areas;
  • 300 three-star hotels and 100 4/5-star hotels.

Bellissimi Hotel / Beautiful hotels

We are looking for investors and buyers

We are looking for investors and buyers from all categories and sectors who are or could be interested in investing and buying in Italy real estate properties and companies and businesses.

Below is an example list:

  • Investment funds;
  • Pension funds;
  • Investment banks;
  • Merchant banks;
  • Real estate funds;
  • Business banks;
  • Private investors;
  • Hotel chains that want to enter in the sector in Italy;
  • Operators of the tourism and hotel sector who wish to enter the Italian market;
  • Corporations that want to invest and diversify;
  • Private customers;
  • Potential customers;
  • Other types of subjects and anyone in interested.

You can help us also If you know personally or through a third-party company owners, company CEOs, entrepreneurs, wealthy people, company managers and company directors, etc... Activate your contacts now.

Work with us - You can earn with us - We are looking for collaborations

We look for collaborations with intermediaries.
Are you a real estate operator, are you a real estate agent, area you an accountant, are you a lawyer, are you an architect, are you a professional, are you a broker, are you a financial system operator and a banking system, are you a manager, are you a professional investor, are you the owner and / or manager of a hotel chain, are you a professional operator in the hotel sector and in the non-hotel hospitality sector, are you a private investor, are you an interested buyer, are you something else, are you a subject who has a project to be implemented and the money to make it happen?

You have contacts, knowledge, relationships, etc... with:

  • Investment funds;
  • Pension funds;
  • Investment banks;
  • Merchant banks;
  • Real estate funds;
  • Business banks;
  • Private investors;
  • Hotel chains that want to enter in the sector in Italy;
  • Operators of the tourism and hotel sector who wish to enter the Italian market;
  • Corporations that want to invest and diversify;
  • Private customers;
  • Potential customers;
  • Other types of subjects.

Who are or could be interested in investing and buying real estate properties and hotels and other non-hotel type accommodations facilities in Italy?
You can help us also If you know personally or through a third-party company owners, company CEOs, entrepreneurs, wealthy people, company managers and company directors, etc... Activate your contacts now.

If the answers are positive, then you can collaborate with us, work with us and earn money TOGETHER WITH US.

Help us find buyers, customers, investors who wish, who want, who are interested and who might be interested in investing and buying in Italy.

Collaborate and work and make money with us
We can get excellent revenue and profits quickly.
Propose the safety, quality, competitiveness, convenience, profitability, style, beauty and quality of life of an investment in Italy.
All companies and properties in our portfolio / catalog are selected and safe.

We can satisfy almost all possible requests:

  • Individual investments;
  • Small investments;
  • Average investments;
  • Large investments.

We have over one billion real estate properties, ready to be used to create real estate funds and financial products.
Almost all real estate properties immediately generate revenues that are made up of the rent paid by the hotel companies that use them.
We have Hotels and Extra Hotel Accommodation Facilities to create the largest Italian hotel chain.
We have Hotels and Extra Hotel Accommodation Facilities to create small, medium, large and very large hotel chains.
The great knowledge of the Italian hotel industry allows us to realize research to satisfy specific requests from investors and buyers.
We have Hotels and Extra Hotel Accommodation Facilities of almost all sizes.
We have real estate properties to renovate and real estate properties that can be valued by real estate development projects for the construction of new buildings.

Why in Italy - Why choose Italy

An investment and a purchase in Italy are e great value.
In Italy we have everything, at the highest levels:
culture, art, history, archeology, architecture, traditions, extraordinary and enlightened characters, artists and inventors, places, museums, events, music, food and wine, excellence, design, fashion, sea, sun, climatic conditions, mountains, lakes, natural thermal areas and spas, single islands and archipelagos of islands, volcanoes, rivers, lagoons countryside, hills, cities, and many other excellences and wonders, often unique in the world.

The whole history of the world and all the civilizations of the last 2,500 years have developed from Italy and following what happened in Italy.

The Roman Empire was the first and largest and true world superpower and the center of the Empire was Rome.
The magnitude and importance of Italy on a world level descends from the Roman Empire.
The greatness and importance of Italy in the world descends from the Roman Empire.

Why choose Italy?

  • Italy is chosen each year by over 58 million tourists;
  • Italy is the fifth country in the world as a tourist destination;
  • Italy counts the greatest number of monuments, artistic and gastronomic beauties;
  • In Italy the real estate crisis, following the 2008 crisis has not yet been resolved, and the value of real estate is at an all-time low, so an investment is now very profitable;
  • Italy is a safe and welcoming country, and no one can ever take away all the real estate and the beauties and the excellence that it possesses.

The total real estate assets of Italy is one of the largest real estate assets in the world and its value, estimated conservatively, is equal to approximately 6,250 billion euros (6.25 trillion euros), equivalent to about 3.8 times the value of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Italy has had a great history.
Italy has had great architects, engineers, artists, inventors who have realized, over the centuries and millennia, many wonderful masterpieces of real estate architecture, which are present in all the more than 8,000 Italian municipalities, from the smallest to the medium and large city.


Map: The World’s Top Countries for Tourism - October 1, 2018

Top International Destinations

Here are the world’s top countries for tourism, based on total money spent

Rank CountryInternational VisitorsDollars Spent
1United States74.7 million$210.7B
2Spain81.8 million$68.0B
3France86.9 million$60.7B
4Thailand35.4 million$57.5B
5United Kingdom37.6 million$51.2B
6ITALY58.3 million$44.2B
7Australia8.9 million$41.7B
8Germany37.5 million$39.8B
9Macao (China)17.3 million$35.6B
10Japan28.7 million$34.1B
11Hong Kong (China)27.9 million$33.3B
12China60.7 million$32.6B
13India15.5 million$27.4B
14Turkey37.6 million$22.5B
15Mexico39.3 million$21.3B

ITALY: Hotel Chains

Fonte: Horwath Htl 2018

The $80 Trillion World Economy in One Chart

The World’s Top 10 Economies

Rank Country GDP% of Global GDP
1United States$19.4 trillion24.4%
2China$12.2 trillion15.4%
3Japan$4.87 trillion6.1%
4Germany$3.68 trillion4.6%
5United Kingdom$2.62 trillion3.3%
6India$2.60 trillion3.3%
7France$2.58 trillion3.3%
8Brazil$2.06 trillion2.6%
9ITALY$1.93 trillion2.4%
10Canada$1.65 trillion2,1%

The Richest Countries in the World

Italy, summary information - Real estate, hotels and tourism

The real estate sector and the hotel and tourism sector are the two most important Italian economic sectors, they are safe, they are stable, they are driving, they are transforming themselves, they are the object of important investments. and the expected trend for the coming years is positive.

In Italy the data relating to tourist flows, relating to the number of tourists, relating to the presence of tourists, expressed both in quantity and in value, are constantly and continuously increasing.

In Italy the hotel and tourism sector are driving and very important.

In Italy there are companies and businesses in the tourism-hotel sector of all sizes, dimensions and types, which are widespread in all geographical areas of the country and are different from each other.

In Italy there are and are dynamically present many types of companies and businesses in the hotel sector: hotels (classified from one to five stars), B & Bs, holiday farms, farms, country residences, manor houses, villas, hotels, ancient villages and historical, apartments, residences, campsites, tourist villages, rented accommodation managed in entrepreneurial form, youth hostels, holiday homes, mountain shelters and other accommodation facilities n.c.a. (not classified elsewhere). Source: ISTAT.

In Italy hotels and non-hotel accommodation facilities are widespread and are located in all geographical areas: sea, mountains, cities, towns, hills, thermal areas, lakes, single islands and archipelagos of islands, volcanoes, rivers, lagoons, etc..

With us you can make investments and you can buy hotels companies and businesses and real estate properties that are in multiple states and conditions, for example:

  • In business and operating;
  • Only real estate;
  • Real estate properties and companies / businesses together;
  • To be restructured;
  • Renovated;
  • Land with projects;
  • Properties with projects;
  • etc.

The hotel and non-hotel sector and, in general, the tourism industry in Italy are undergoing great change and evolution.

Italian entrepreneurs are creative, they are prepared, they are hard workers, etc. but, in general they do not have high-level organizational and managerial skills and they are not able to create, stabilize and duplicate the business model

Italian entrepreneurs do not want to delegate the functions of control and management of their businesses and of their activities.

In Italy, companies are almost all small and control almost always remains within the family.

The average age of hotel and non-hotel business entrepreneurs, in Italy, is high, and the generational shift of businesses and real estate is often difficult because children generally do not want to do or continue the work of parents.

The quality standards of Italian hotels in general are lower than those of the most developed countries in the sector.

The entrepreneurs of the hotel industry in Italy who made the investments that were needed in their businesses and in their companies, when they had to be made:

  • have reached high and excellent levels of quality and design, both in the hotel sector and in the non-hotel sector.;
  • the renovated and redeveloped properties have considerably increased their value;
  • they are able to obtain an adequate return on invested capital;
  • the income statement generates positive and interesting results.

Hotel entrepreneurs in Italy have not made the investments that were needed in their businesses and in their companies, when they had to be done, consequently:

  • they sell the rooms or are forced to sell the rooms at low prices;
  • often, they are unable to obtain an adequate return on invested capital;
  • the income statement, also called the profit and loss account, generates mediocre or negative results.

In Italy, over 33,000 (thirty-three thousand) hotels are currently present and operating.

In Italy, over 200,000 (two hundred thousand) non-hotel accommodations are present and operational.

In Italy the hotels are very heterogeneous and different from each other.

The diversity and the heterogeneity existing in Italy must not be considered negatively because it is one of the main characteristics that make it beautiful.

The diversity / heterogeneity existing in Italy, must be valued, is one of the main key success factors of companies operating in the hotel and tourism sector and allows to fully and always satisfy the multiple needs and all possible requests of customers.

In Italy the hotels are not large, the average production capacity is around 35 - 45 rooms.

The small average size does not necessarily have to be considered negatively.
Very often these dimensions are the consequence of the narrow spaces typical of Italian city centers dating back to the Middle Ages or Roman times.

For example, if you want to buy / invest in a 150-room hotel you can get the same result by buying / investing three 50-room hotels in the same place. This reasoning can be extended in quantity and in value.

The current technologies allow to manage and control in a centralized way also the companies that operate with different physical locations, distant and / or close to each other.

The model of the widespread hotel in Italy is spreading, similarly and in a form correlated to the increase in non-hotel accommodation facilities.

The hotel sector and the non-hotel sector are converging with each other and are naturally complementary.

The hotel sector and the non-hotel sector are not different from each other and are not in conflict with each other and are not divergent, indeed currently the process of convergence of the two sectors is intensifying and, in the medium term, there will be a single hotel sector, with different types of structures and buildings.

Italy is a particular country, for many reasons it is very difficult and complicated and expensive to build new large hotels.

In Italy only about 4% of hotels are part of hotel chains.

The largest hotel chain in Italy, Best Western, currently groups only 149 hotels.

In Italy, buying only 150 (one hundred and fifty) hotels, the largest Italian hotel chain is created and formed.
Therefore, the subject who buys or anyone buys at least 150 (one hundred and fifty) hotels can qualify as the owner of the largest Italian hotel chain.

Invest in Italy

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